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Video Of Boston Bombing Suspects Released By The FBI

  • 04.18.13 06:32 PM EDT

Photos released by the FBI of the 2 suspects in the Boston bombing case.

The FBI held a press conference at 5pm eastern on Thursday to give updates on the search for the two suspects who may have planted the bombs near the finish line at the Boston Marathon.

FBI Special Agent Richard DesLauriers said that the FBI had identified 2 photos of the suspects and released their photos. The photos were released in the hope that the public would be able to help in identifying the suspects either by providing their names or further images taken at the marathon. Images of the two, dubbed Suspect 1 and Suspect 2 are below: 

The man in the black hat, below, has been dubbed "Suspect 1:"

The man in the white hat, below, has been dubbed "Suspect 2." Suspect 2 is believed to have set down a backpack in the site of the second bombing moments before the blast went off. 

The FBI has video from the surveillance tape that identified the suspects on their website as well as photos.

Speaking at the press conference, DesLauriers said: "Somebody out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors, co-workers or family members of the suspects. And though it may be difficult, the nation is counting on those with information to come forward and provide it to us."

It has been three days since twin explosions unleashed a slew of carnage that has left three dead and over 180 people injured. Boston City Council President Stephen Murphy said that based on briefings with the Boston police, a department store video "has confirmed that a suspect is seen dropping a bag near the point of the second explosion and heading off." There have also been reports that a Lord & Taylor surveilance camera recorded a suspect around the bomb sites.