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Drug Smugglers Flee Coast Guard In A Souped-Up Weed Skiff

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  • 06.11.13 02:20 PM EDT

It's being called a sign of the times -- at least the drug smuggling times. Pot smugglers were discovered off the coast in 38-foot "super panga" -- a souped-up drug smuggling boat that apparently held more than 50 bales of the drug. They were pursued into international waters before getting apprehended, in what's representative of a new breed of drug dealers bringing bigger and faster boats farther and farther up the California coastline.

This video, released by the Coast Guard of the early June arrest, shows an infrared view of the suspects being taken into custody. 

Authorities say they've seized up to 60,000 pounds of marijuana at sea this year, and over 100,000 last year.