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Chinese Official (The One Whose Wife Poisoned A Brit) Gets Nailed On Corruption

  • World
  • 07.25.13 01:36 PM EDT

Bo Xilai was once an influential politician in China with a promising future, but his career infamously toppled after his wife was accused and convicted of murdering a British businessman last year. The government investigated his possible involvement and found a trail of corruption and political scandal. The state news agency announced on Thursday that he is indicted for bribery, corruption and power abuses.

His trial, which is expected to start in the coming weeks, highlights an effort by President Xi Jinping to denounce corruption. Xi has promised to target both "flies and tigers" in his quest -- meaning both senior and low level officials who abuse their power.

The indictment said Bo, "embezzled an extremely large amount of public funds and abused his powers of office, causing heavy losses to the interests of the nation and the people in an extremely serious way."