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Bill Gates Wants To Fund Better Condoms, America Cannot Stop Giggling

  • 03.27.13 11:10 AM EDT

It's the story of the day that no one seems to be able to avoid giggling about. Bill Gates -- Microsoft Founder, billionaire, philanthropist, nerd -- has set his sites on condoms. The Bill Gates Foundation is offering a $100,000 incentive for anyone who can invent a better, safer condom that also 'enhances sexual pleasure.' The rationale is that a lot of men don't like wearing condoms and so they don't -- causing sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy and so forth. 

Grand Challenges In Global Health -- a foundation funded by The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation -- is offering a $100,000 prize to the inventor of a "testable hypothesis in what could make a better condom, with the potential for a $1 million follow-up grant. The prompt sounds like this:

“Is it possible to develop a product without this stigma, or better, one that is felt to enhance pleasure? If so, would such a product lead to substantial benefits for global health, both in terms of reducing the incidence of unplanned pregnancies and in prevention of infection with HIV or other STIs [sexually transmitted infections]?”

And in response: ABC has makes a "hardware" vs "software" pun and a thousand tech bloggers giggle.