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'4 Seconds Of Warning:' New Details In Flight 214 Crash Investigation

  • U.S.
  • 07.08.13 12:46 PM EDT

Three days after Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed as it was landing on the runway of San Francisco's airport, new details are coming to light about the plane's final seconds. There's still no official cause given to why the plane went down.

The pilot, Lee Kank-Kook, had never before landed a Boeing 777 at San Francisco and only had 43 hours of experience flying that aircraft, but according to Asiana Airlines, he was a veteran pilot with thousands of hours of flying experience overall. 

According the US agency investigating the crash, the plane was flying normally until just 7 seconds before the crash. The flight crew was given a 4 second warning before impact; passengers received no notice. 

Of the flight's 307 passengers, 2 teenagers on their way to summer camp, were killed and scores were wounded, many seriously.