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"Arrogant" Apple Apologizes To China

  • 04.03.13 11:16 AM EDT

As the world’s largest smartphone market, China accounted for 16% of Apple’s sales in 2012. So it comes as little surprise that Apple is kowtowing to Chinese consumers for, “any concerns or misunderstandings” regarding the tech company’s warranty policy.


Tuesday, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook issued a public show of contrition, after weeks of outcry and coordinated state criticism from the PRC. News of the apology headlined Chinese state-run media.
To get a pulse for how the Chinese public feels about the apology, The Financial Times scrolled through the country’s most popular microblogging site, Weibo.
“A user with the handle “Vitamin Coffee” said Tuesday that the attacks would do little to change the Chinese public’s well-documented obsession with Apple products. “No matter whether Apple apologises or not, if the domestic companies can’t make their products good enough, then Chinese consumers will buy Apple products anyway.”