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A-Rod Already Lost His Reputation, May Lose His Yankees Stripes

  • Sports
  • 06.07.13 09:16 AM EDT

Alex Rodriguez is having a bad day/week/year. The 14-time All Star third baseman with a multi-million dollar contract with the Yankees has yet another performance-enhancing drug scandal to add to his list. This time, the MLB might hit him with a 100-game suspension. After a year of injuries, scandals and lackluster performance, will the Yankees release him?

As of now, A-Rod is nursing a hip injury that won't have him back on the field until July. Many fans feel his game has been slipping and co-owners of the team have expressed "disappointment" in his antics. This could all lead to a termination of his 10-year contract, of which he's six years in, or there's always the possibility that he'll retire on his own.

Yankees Manager ,Joe Girardi, said he'll stay out of it. "My focus is not on what MLB is investigating and all of that," Girardi said, "I'll let them handle it. I'll continue to assist our players in getting ready any way they can."