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Watch: Car Chase Ends In Shootout In A Brazilian Slum (GRAPHIC)

  • World
  • 05.07.13 11:10 AM EDT

Footage from a police helicopter in Rio de Janeiro is raising concern over use of police force in Brazil. The video from an incident in 2012 surfaced on Sunday after it was attained by the Brazilian network Globo. 

The video (above) uses heat-seeking technology and shows the police spraying a barrage of bullets in a densely populated Brazilian favela, or slum. The police are chasing a convicted drug dealer, Márcio José Sabino Pereira, who was widely known as the Mathemetician. He was later found dead nearby. The footage is alarming because of the heavy fire used in neighborhood full of presumably occupied houses. A prominent Rio attorney said that the investigation into the shootout will be reopened.

Rio is preparing to host the Olympics in 2014 and the World Cup in 2016 and has made progress in reducing crime in parts of the city -- but security concerns still persist, especially in the city's sprawling slums.