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"A Lot Of People Need Help": 911 Calls From Asiana Flight 214 Crash Released

  • U.S.
  • 07.11.13 01:47 PM EDT

Newly released 911 calls from passengers on Asiana Flight 214, which crashed landed at SFO on Saturday, are full of cries for more emergency responders. Callers can be heard asking for more ambulances and describing the injuries of the wounded in need of medical attention. 

In one, a woman can be heard asking about a burned fellow passengers. 

"There's a woman on the runway who is pretty much burned, very severely on the head, and we don't know what to do ... She is nearly burned, she will probably die soon if she doesn't get help ... she needs help. How do I -- is there any way I can assist her?"

The crash killed 2 teenagers on their way to summer camp and wounded over 160.